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Once upon a time there was a kitty.

And from the day he was born, he dreamed of being more than just an average cat.

He told his mother this and she purred, and continued giving him his bath. He played with his brothers and sisters, drank his milk every day and became a strong kitty. But he never forgot his dream.

One day he decided it was time to set out on his own to discover his dream – for he knew he was destined to be an above average cat.

So he began his adventure.

He went from yard to yard and house to house.

Investigating everything and enjoying his freedom.

But life on his own wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be.

Some people were nice and gave him snacks, but mostly his tummy growled with hunger.

And it was cold, because it was spring and the nights still put white frost on the grass.

And there were scary things too – strange cats would hiss at him.

Sometimes dogs would chase him.

On that fateful day, after a dog chased him out of a yard, he suddenly found himself in the middle of a street.

Zooom, zoooom, zoooom went the cars. He was frightened and had forgot to look both ways. Oh no! Oh no!

Yeooow – I was hit.

Stunned, I lay in the street, the cars were still coming, but I couldn’t seem to move. My head hurt. I couldn’t breathe very well. Where’s my MOM!

Then I heard a voice, “Here Kitty, kitty” and the zooming stopped.

I was wrapped up snuggly and rushed to the vet.

I heard the vet say, “it would be expensive”. And, since I was probably a stray, maybe I wasn’t worth the cost…

This really surprised me because I knew I was destined to be more than an average cat. What could they be thinking? This wasn’t how my Big Adventure was supposed to go!

I sighed in relief when the people told the vet I was very much worth the cost! and I had surgery the very next day to fix my face.

Unfortunately, no one knew who my family was so Animal Control got involved. They came, took my picture and named me Lucky. The doctor said I could leave, but no one would take me with my special needs. Poor, poor kitty. You see, I needed help eating and with my medications.

Then I heard the voice again, “come on Lucky, let’s go home”.

After a few weeks I was feeling pretty good. It was good to be warm. It was good to have food every day again. And it was really good to sit on a lap and have gentle hands scratch my back.

Since I knew how hard it was to be on my own, I talked my new found family into building a home for other animals like me – so they could be safe and healthy and find families just like I did. They named it Lucky’s Place and made me the CEO (Cat Executive Officer).

And now you’re here – and I’m excited for you to join in my Big Adventure!